What do you have in your bee farm tour?

Well, more than just bees and honey…

We can offer you:

  1. A free guided tour where you can learn about:

– numerous tropical plants and flowers;

– fascinating world of bees (why bees are so important; how they make honey; how they maintain such a highly organized society)

– a real beehive (don’t forget to have a cool photo with hundreds of bees)

2. Free honey tasting (great raw honey from different flowers, herbal honey…)

3. Enjoy refreshing drink and food with our raw honey

Is it free?

Yes, the tour is free. Because we want welcome everyone to the farm and share with them what we’re so passionate about – bees. ‘The best things in life, they are free’, we believe that!

Phu Quoc Bee Farm Tour? Let’s see

Phu Quoc Bee Farm Free Tour

And something more…

The soul of our work here can hardly be seen by eyes, it must be felt by hearts.

It’s our hope and passion to touch your heart with the untold bee story. As one of our guests lovingly shared:

Bee Farm – learn to breathe, play and enjoy life

We came across Bee Farm on the north side of the island. People here are extremely friendly. We had a chance to learn about plants, bees, listen to many interesting stories. It’s where we first learned yoga & meditation,  to really breathe  and slow down, to relax and let go of all worries.”

Slow down & relax at Bee Farm

“Bee Farm is a place where we can rest our bare feet on smooth green grass. It’s  a carefree place to have fun with the dogs. It’s where we could lazily lie down on the grass bed, sipping orange juice as time passing by, drifting slowly through my mind.”

Honey drink with bamboo straw at Bee Farm

*Blog & Photos: Dinh Quyen Sinh

The best way to see all of this for yourself is spending some time with us here.

How can I find your bee farm?

Find us here.

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