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Gia đình Simon ghé chơi Nhà Bee – Simon’s family at the farm


Smallburgh, United Kingdom 

Utterly delightful in every way

The Bee Farm is reaches down a beautiful road with stunning views of the National Park beyond with a taste of jungle as you approach. When you arrive it looks like a scrappy little garden with lots of rickety box bee hives. Take a little time to explore and you will start to understand the wonderful charm and incredibly important work they are doing here. Make sure that you get a guided tour by one of the fluent English speaking guides. They really know their stuff and as an amateur bee keeper myself I found everything they had to say totally fascinating. They are there to educate but at the same time you are seduced by the gorgeous gardens and the peaceful bees buzzing around. Taste the honey, have a drink (with honey of course) and try the bee cake (no bees just honey!!). So peaceful and serene we didn’t want to leave. Just heaven. Magic. Go and support the brilliant work and donate to the bees!

From Milan – a beekeeper in Slovakia

Hi Linh,

Today I published the article about our visits of your bee farm. Here is
it. For now it is only in Slovak, later will be in English too.

Regarding bees, you are right, they are still hibernating, but sometimes
is nice weather and they just fly 🙂

Yes, I will be very busy very very soooon 🙂 But Im happy


From the beginning to the end… such a beautiful experience and learning environment.
In Phu Quoc for only a week and managed to discover such a beauty in a land of over exploited construction.
Linh (if i am not wrong) was amazing and knowledgeable, she gave us a beautiful tour with many tips about the bees . Would I go back? Definitely – outrageouslyfoody – London, United Kingdom

Fascinating free guided tour

A very interesting informational tour by a passionate, genuine and funny young lady made this visit so much more than the quick, tick the box stop-off we thought it would be.

She explained about the bees, the environment, and other plants and fruits that are growing there which takes 20 mins or so as you walk around looking at the hives. You can even hold a tray of live bees if you’re feeling brave.

After that you’re not obliged to buy from the cafe or gift shop but we did as the honey based drinks and snacks were delicious!

Best Part of Phu Quoc

“My girlfriend and I took a trip to the bee farm on a whim and it turned out to be our favorite experience of Phu Quoc and Vietnam overall. It’s not a touristy place. It’s a quaint, understated farm that produces high quality products and is doing its part to be a sustainable, clean, ecological haven in a country where environmentalism is generally not a high priority. Our tour guide, Tai (unsure on spelling), was extremely knowledgeable and kind and I’d highly recommend taking a walk around the farm with him”

A ‘date’ with VTV

Bạn của Nhà Bee!

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