by Luana Steffen January 19, 2020

A love story between Bees & Flowers

Don’t know why such tiny insects like bees are vital to our lives? It’s not your fault. Scientists all over the world have gathered more clues to prove that.

Where does this bee declaration come from?

In the most recent meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London, the Earth watch Institute declared bees the most important living species on this planet. This declaration is concerned because, according to wildlife scientists and experts, bees are on the endangered species list.

Recent studies show a dramatic 90% decline in the bee population in the last few years. The main reasons for their extinction include deforestation, the use of pesticides, or lack of flowers. These insects are titled the most important being on earth because 70% of the world’s agriculture depends exclusively on this flying friends. Without the hard work of little bees’ pollinating, those plants would not be able to reproduce.

The bees are not only important but also super-clean

Researchers from the Apiculture Corporation of Chile, the Apiculture Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad Mayor, and the Foundation for Agrarian Innovation also conducted a study on our bee-loved friends. The team found that they are the only living species who don’t carry any pathogen.

Since being declared an endangered species, and bees are so crucial to our planet’s ecosystems, people need to start protecting these hard-working creatures more. Some activists argue that we need to prohibit the use of pesticides immediately, carefully monitor the bee’s health, and promote completely natural agricultural areas.

Celebrities are now involved

Thankfully, some people are starting to realize the importance of bees, including celebrities. Animal rights groups are doing their best to conserve the species; families in Detroit are turning empty lots into bee sanctuaries, and Dutch bus stops have turned into bee stops with bee sanctuaries on their roofs. Hollywood star Morgan Freeman recently turned his 124-acre land in Mississippi into a massive bee sanctuary to protect the species.

A Hollywood star beekeeper

Freeman said:

There is a concerted effort for bringing bees back onto the planet… We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation.

You can also help these important pollinators, from your own backyard.

Each involvement does count.

Think you can’t help to save the bees? Think again.

Here are 4 simple ways EVERYONE can do to stop bees from disappearing:

  1. Spead the message, let others know what you know about bees and that you care.
  2. Plant bee-friendly flowers.
  3. Take care of your own bees, even just 1 hive
  4. Make a bee hotel. It’s fun!

Have other ideas to help the-most-important-species-on-earth? Share with us in the comment below.

With so love & acknowledgment,

Phu Quoc Bee Farm Team

Bees Declared The Most Important Species On Earth
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