Have you ever found yourself awe-inspiring by little things in nature?

A flower, a piece of baby grass, fragrance of jasmine in early morning, or…

a tinny barely noticeable bee?

I have. Many times.

It’s been a few years since I started working in this honey bees natural farm oasis.

I’m still surprised how much attention bees draw from me every time I walk around in the garden.

Some days, I simply allow myself to sip it in, moment to moment, and just watch them working gracefully in silence.

Some other days, it’s like an Outchhh!!!

That hurts like a pitch in my guts, remembering what’s happening to these little daily heroes.

Fortunately, that pain has been turned into power under the light of awareness.

I just know that you and I both have the capacity to make a difference in things that we care for.

But it’s not always easy. I have to be honest here.

So, equip yourself with proper tools that lift you up and empower you to take consistent actions.

This is one of my ‘always-come-back-for-more-strenght’ talks to keep up with this ‘fight’ for bees.

Without any fear or judgement.

But with love and care.

And with the Me-Flower I cultivate as a living example.

I know you love learning. I also don’t want to miss this (that’s why you’re here).

Watch, share and let me know how it’s shifted your ‘bees consciousness’.


Please keep in my that every choice you make does counts.

And we’re always in it together.

With so much love,


PQ Bee Farm Team

This is a must – watch Ted talk on bees

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