Honey is the only substance found on the planet whose chemical composition is very close to that of human blood. If you change a few things in honey, it can become almost like blood. Learn more about the numerous benefits of honey and see how to add it to your daily diet.

Honey works as a great energy source

There’re certain tribes in India who are known as honey shepherds. Their stable diet is honey. The morning starts with a bamboo glass which can easily contains ¾ liter of honey.

You drink this ¾ liter of honey and you’re in the forest. The day just goes on endlessly. Thanks to honey, in a day, an adult can climb at least 40 trees, up and down, searching for honey. One glass of honey for the whole day, no food and you’re fine with enormous physical activities.

So, you walk 12-20 km, climb 35 – 40 trees during the day. And when you’re back in the evening, you have some local cereal and that is also dipped in honey.

Honey is good for one’s mental alertness

You don’t have to go on a honey diet, but daily consumption of honey can do a lot for your health and mental alertness.

Psychological stability, physical well-being, vitality – all these things can be easily enhanced by simply consuming honey daily.

How should we consume honey?

If you cook honey, it’ll become poisonous.

Honey should not be cooked or consumed in boiling water.

You should put it in warm water.

If you put it in hot water, it will set off a certain kind of enzymes, it behaves in the way that tends to take weight from your body.

If you put it in cold water, it behaves differently. Accordingly, it adds weight to the body. It is not that a few spoonfuls of honey will put weight on your body. It is just that it sets off certain reactions in your system that your absorption rate is such that you tend to gain weight.

Somebody is feeling anemic. Anemia means on one level the blood has lost its iron. That means you lost your steel. You lost the strength in your body. You’ll feel exhausted. Simple exhausted for no reason.

Once the necessary iron is not there, your ability to carry oxygen through the body is less. As a result, your body, your heart, your brain, everything will be on a lower level of function, because you don’t have enough oxygen.

To take care of this, one of the simple things you can do is consuming a bit of honey in warm water on a daily basis. You’ll see your RBC (red blood cells) level will slowly go up.

If there is more oxygen in the blood, suddenly you feel a burst of energy. Suddenly, everything is active. The rejuvenation system in the body is going up, the dead cells are being replaced quickly. The level of inertia that you feel in the body is much lower.

Honey balances your circulatory system

Consuming honey will bring a certain balance to the circulatory system which is very essential for a yoga practitioner. Why? Because you’re pushing your body in certain ways.

Keeping the blood pure or keeping the blood chemistry balanced will definitely happen with daily consumption of honey. It’s very necessary for someone who practices Yoga.

Turmeric also does the same things. It purifies the blood and brings certain translucence to your energies. In other words, this is one substance which not only works on the physiology, it also works in the energy system.

Honey makes you more vibrant.

Turmeric calms you and keeps you easy.

If you want to build a new level of flexibility, one  thing is lots of toxicity has to go from the system. If you go on a honey water diet which will keep you energetic enough. You do this for 7-8 days, the amount of toxicity that you expel from the body is tremendous.

In short, honey is one of the best food you can give to your body. However, you don’t need to believe all this. Just experiment and see. Happy honey tasting!



Why is Honey a Super Food?
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